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Lohym (Catelani) + BloodQuake (Skunkerieno)

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Hey folks! So I'll give a short intro for me and my bf. We started playing BDO roughly 1.5 months ago and it was actually my very close friend / bro from Forsaken World (Randallf, but I call him by his FW name: Count) who introduced me to BDO and our guild. After testing it myself, a little after I dragged Skunkie (the bf) over here too. He's actually higher level and much more progressed in game than I am atm cos all I do is catch horses, level horses, breed horses... lol xD

For now my only aim is to breed a friggin horse that's faster than 127% then I'll finally allow myself to enjoy the other aspects of the game as well xD. My main is a Lv41 sorc and Skunkie's main is a Lv50 warrior.

I work fulltime 40-hour/weeks so I'm really only available in the evenings after 18:00 and on weekends if I'm not shopping or going to the movies (yes, I'm a huge cinema fan and I drag sad Dylan with me too.) Anyways that's all the meet & greet I can think of to put here. If you have any questions you can always ask me here or ig. :D

We live together in NL (close to Rotterdam) aaaaaaaaand here's a pic of our derpfaces.



Nice meeting everyone! Cool guild!

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